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From Faraway Shores

From Faraway Shores
by Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra, 2012

    1. Under the Double Eagle – J.F. Wagner* [5:18]
Arranged by Louis Tocaben

    2. Tra Veglia E Sonno (Lost in Illusion)
– Luigi Canora* [3:23]
Gary Burdick, vocal

    3. O Sole Mio (My Own Sun)
– Eduardo di Capua/Giovanni Capurro* [4:14 ]
Gary Burdick, vocal

        British Isles Suite:

    4. Welsh Rhapsodie
– Charley Rappaport [3:38]

    5. I Met Her in the Meadow (Scottish)
– from the Skene Manuscript [3:02]
set by Allen Alexander*

    6. Toy For Two Lutes (English)
– Thomas Robinson* [3:01]

    7. Irish Washerwoman (Jig)
– Traditional* [4:04]
Jenda Domaracki, bodhrán

    8. Danny Boy – Irish Folk Melody* [5:59]
Additional verse by Gary Burdick) Gary Burdick, vocal

    9. Mood Indigo
– D. Ellington, A. Bigard and I. Mills [3:58]
Arranged by Frank Hamilton (Flute solo based on an improvisation by Shorty Baker), Trio: Rachel Rue, flute, Dean Shumaker, guitar, Mark Smith, bass

    10. Bolero #1, Opus 26, No.550
– Raffaele Calace [4:32]
(Cadenza by Gordon Neidinger) Gordon Neidinger, mandolin solo

    11. Alyosha, Sha! (Alyosha, Be Quiet!)
– Traditional* [1:57]
Arrangement attributed to Boris Sabotovsky (From the repertoire of the house band of the Russian Bear Restaurant, Detroit, MI c.1930.)

    12. Oseh Shalom (He Who Makes Peace)
– Nurit Hirsch* [3:06]
Gary Burdick, vocal

    13. Hava Nagila (Let Us Rejoice)
– Traditional* [3:03]
(from a Sadigura Nigun) Janice Coppola, clarinet

    14. Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik, K. 525
– W. A. Mozart [7:07]


*Arranged or Orchestrated for The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra by Charley Rappaport

Back cover

As the Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra enters its 11th year, it draws inspiration from the great mandolin orchestras of the 20th century. Now a relatively rare phenomenon, mandolin orchestras were everywhere (even in Pittsburgh) in the early decades of the 1900’s. Generations of mandolin orchestra players form a small but unique culture in the US and abroad, and we are proud to be part of it.

The instruments of the mandolin family lend themselves readily to orchestral playing. The voices are similar to those of the string orchestra: mandolin - soprano, mandola - tenor, mandocello - baritone, and mandobass - basso. We also include the bass violin for richness of sound, guitars for beauty of timbre and rhythm, the delicate virtuosity of the flute and clarinet, and percussion for excitement.

The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra features music from the places around the world where the mandolin (or mandolin-like instruments) are a strong part of the musical culture. On From Faraway Shores pieces have been included from Italy, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Wales, Scotland, England, Austria, and the US. We’ve had a blast recording this CD and performing these pieces for so many great audiences. Music is truly the international language!

Music Director:
Charley Rappaport, conducting

Gary Burdick

Gordon Neidinger (concert master)
Joan Bondira
Joyce Warwick
Hannah Ishizaki
Lois Rock
Doug Davidson
Cheryl Kelley
Suguru Ishizaki
Jim Ardisson
Abby Chen
Frank Hanwell
Margot West
Katie Richardson
Valerie Simko
Janet Thomas
Charles Thompson
Jonathan Yahalom

David Ruppert
David Agnew
Carol Palmer
Philip Cotter
Norm Azinger

Carl Culig
Jack Stein
Kirk Morrison
David Chandler

John Suhrie
Don Rendulic (bugarija)
Ralph Blosat
Paul Juozitis
John Kelley

Mark Smith (bass violin)
Richard Stuempges (kontrabass domra)

Rachel Rue (flute)
Janice Coppola (clarinet)
Susanne Ortner-Roberts (clarinet)

Jenda Domaracki