Mars United Presbyterian Church


On March 10, 2013, the Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra, packed their bags and headed to Mars! Not the planet but a small town just north of Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra, conducted by Charley Rappaport,  performed for the first time at the Mars United Presbyterian Church by invitation by the Reverend Nathan Esser.

Many thanks to all of the church for a wonderful event at an outstanding location.  The orchestra enjoyed the church’s hospitality for a dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and chips.  There was no shyness about sampling a great dessert of ice cream with toppings, supplemented by brownies.  It’s not every host that feeds the orchestra!

In this concert the orchestra introduced some interesting new pieces.

All the Rage – a new rag-time march.
Erev Shel Shoshanim - Evening of Roses.  Sung by Cantor Ben Rosner
Halley’s Comet - A lovely ragtime number
Hard Times Come Again No More  - Stephen Foster,  Arranged by Frank Hamilton  Sung by Gary Burdick.

Flutist Rachel Rue soloed on Mood Indigo accompanied by guitarist John Suhrie, and bassist Mark Smith.  Conductor Charley Rappaport soloed on domra in the Russian piece Karapet, and there were incidental solos by Jenda Domaracki on bodhrán  in Washerwoman, and Janice Coppola on clarinet in Hava Nagila.


Introducing the Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra

Gary Burdick sings
 "Hard Times Come Again No More"


Cantor Ben Rosner sings
"Erev Shel Shoshanim"

 Charley Rappaport plays
 "The Karapet"

 Jenda Damaracki on the bodhran in "Washerwoman"