Useful Links

The Mandolin Cafe is an internet community of fellow mandolin players that offers chat, music, lessons, news, and more.  Make this a favorite! (

The Classical Mandolin Society is an internet resource for all instruments of the mandolin family, specializing in classical music.   Their annual convention is worth attending! ( is an excellent resource for mandolin players who like jazz, this site offers lessons in jazz theory, as well as free downloads that you can play along with. (

Calliope, Pittsburgh's Folk Music Society, offers group lessons on the mandolin as well as other instruments.  Some of the finest musicians in the world can be heard in their Concert Series. (

Mandolin Magazine is a quarterly publication that offers regular columns on virtually every style of music.  You can still buy the back issue from the Summer of 2003, when our own Charley Rappaport was featured on the cover! (

Acoustic Music Works has every instrument in the mandolin family, including mandolas and mandocellos, in stock! (

The Fretted Instrument Guild of America offers grants to deserving young people who are interested in learning how to play any fretted instrument.  They also have an extensive library of obscure and out of print music, for use by their members. ( is a site designed to assist musicians who have never played the mandolin, and don't even know where to start. (

Russian Balalaika Orchestra—America's Newest Authentic Russian Folk Orchestra directed by our music director, Charley Rappaport. (